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In the vibrant realm of music, some bands emerge as a force to be reckoned with, defying expectations and pushing boundaries. FLAK, a hardcore group hailing from 2020, has rapidly made a name for itself under the leadership of Dante DeLaurier, the driving force behind the band.

Formation and Band Members:
FLAK, born in 2020, was created when Dante DeLaurier brought together Ben Christ (bassist) and Eddie Eaton (drummer). While Ben has been a lifelong friend, Eddie was discovered through his involvement in another band showcased on Instagram. Dante’s intuitive decision to bring these talented individuals together laid the foundation for FLAK.

“Ben was there from the beginning, and Eddie was an excellent drummer who, over time, became a really good friend,” Dante shared.

The Birth of FLAK:
Curiosity sparked the birth of the band’s name while creating their first song, “I’m Going.” When Dante asked Ben to contribute lyrics following the line, “quit yelling I’m not gonna take your flak,” the term “flak” became the catalyst for their identity. Unknown to Dante at the time, “flak” encompasses both “heavy criticism” and “anti-aircraft fire,” aligning perfectly with the band’s ethos of confronting challenges head-on.

“Our band was built off of heavy criticism,” Dante explained. “It means ‘anti-aircraft fire,’ I thought it was perfect because it could allow for cool artwork and symbolize the band’s foundation.”

The Future of FLAK:
Looking ahead, FLAK envisions itself touring and gracing the stages of major hardcore festivals. Dante sees the future as an opportunity to connect with larger audiences and fulfill the dreams they once held as fans attending those festivals.

“We see ourselves touring in the future and playing some of the big hardcore festivals that we dream of attending today,” Dante said enthusiastically.

Navigating the Industry:

As the prospect of a record deal looms, Dante contemplates the relevance of such agreements in today’s music landscape. Acknowledging the changed dynamics, he expresses openness but emphasizes the need for discernment when choosing potential partners.

“I’m sure I would sign a deal, but not just to anything that comes my way. It would have to be a specific label,” Dante explained.

Merchandising and Fan Connection:
FLAK’s engagement extends beyond the music, as they have ventured into merchandising. Having sold out of merchandise twice, Dante aims to build demand strategically, ensuring that future merchandise resonates with fans.

“We have sold merch before because we thought it would be cool to have people wearing our logo worldwide,” Dante shared. “When we make merch again, they’ll sell like hotcakes.”

Words of Wisdom for Emerging Artists:
Dante’s advice for aspiring musicians is straightforward: do it. He encourages newcomers to dive into their passion without overthinking, emphasizing that all it takes is one person with some musical inclination to get started.

Facing Challenges:

While FLAK has navigated its way through the music scene, Dante reveals the ongoing struggle to create music that satisfies his artistic standards. The journey to self-fulfillment through his work remains a perpetual challenge.
“The challenges I’ve faced are trying to write music that makes myself happy, which, in the end, is the goal of my musical journey,” Dante shared.

Live Performance Learning Curve:

The path to playing live music presented its challenges for FLAK. Initially grappling with the system’s intricacies, they found support from other small bands who graciously allowed them to share the stage, gradually unraveling the complexities of live performances.

As FLAK continues to carve its path through the music industry, Dante DeLaurier’s leadership and the band’s unwavering commitment to their unique sound set them on a trajectory toward a promising future. The fusion of passion, camaraderie, and a commitment to face “flak” head-on ensures that FLAK remains a name to watch in the evolving landscape of hardcore music.

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